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Why InoCoin?

We would like a brief word on why the InoCoin investment platform is superior to other more conventional means of investing.

Our platform allows investors of all sizes to take part. This is a key advantage that differentiates us from the traditional system, which usually restricts investment opportunities to a small circle of individuals. We are removing these high barriers to entry. Using our platform anyone can invest, regardless of whether it’s $1 or $1,000,000 and our platform can calculate profits as a percentage of investment automatically. INO coin is a utility token that will pave the way towards the future of crowdfunding. After investing in INO you can receive smart services and all kind of products from the projects you support.

InoCoin – Investment Platform places no boundaries on Start Ups. We believe this is the key to a successful business in the new age. New ventures need to be innovative above all else, not forced into the limits of old ideas.

As a result of this, the more interesting and fresh a project’s idea is, the more likely it is to secure funding. If you are afraid that you are going to have a hard time finding investors for your project, because your idea is too innovative or optimistic, then you are the ideal candidate for funding through InoCoin.

Many of the greatest innovators of our time were thought to be too forward-thinking at first and they struggled to secure the investors and trust necessary to realize their idea.

Explore Ino Projects

The next step, in terms of platform functionality, is to add the option to purchase Ino using fiat currencies. This way, we won’t be tied exclusively to crypto markets and we will be able to create our own ecosystem, which will help us expand without depending on external factors.

You can trade InoCoin on one of these markets:

What is InoCoin?

InoCoin is a decentralized crowdfunding platform built with our main goal in mind: Connecting smart money with innovative ideas. The purpose of our project is to distribute both knowledge and funding to perspective young projects. Too many great projects have failed in their initial „seed“ stage.

Too many great ideas have stayed only ideas in the minds of their creators. We know that the main obstacle for every young project is finding adequate funds in order to successfully start their business venture. Well that is no more.

With InoCoin, all young and innovative projects can find the funding they deserve and grow alongside us. Of course, projects that want to receive funding will have to provide a business plan, growth projection etc. Tips for finding funding will be provided in a new article so stay tuned!

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