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What is InoCoin platform?
InoCoin platform is the universal tool to operate with InoCoins.
Can I use the platform without account?
No. To use our platform you must create account from the registration form.
What is InoCoin platform?
InoCoin platform is the universal tool to operate with InoCoins.
What is a project?
Projects are the main element of our platform. The idea of InoCoin is to boost technology projects at early stage. You can invest in project or create your own.
How do I create a presentation?
You create a project by pressing and a project button in my projects. After that you add description and media to present your project.
How many projects will I get to choose from?
You can invest in every project in our platform. They all will be presented at projects page.
Can I choose how much I invest in a project?
Yes. The minimum amount is one Ino coin. There is no maximum.
Should I provide an explanation for my project?
When you submit a project, you can enter a description of your idea. We strongly recommend you provide a meaningful description to help explain your idea to the community because this can tremendously increase the positive impact and understanding of your conception!
What is boosted projects?
Boosted projects is a list of all the projects you have invested.
My project is boosted! What does that mean?
It means that our community supports your idea and they invested Ino coins in your project.
Are projects limited to EU-based creators?
No — teams from all over the world can (and will!) compete in our platform.
What should I upload when creating a project?
One or more pictures that will enhance your description.
Can I remove project from the platform?
Sure, just click on delete button.
Is there a fee to invest in project?
Only the gas required by ethereum network. Ino coin platform will not charge any additional fees.
How do I know that my investment is sent?
Ino coin platform works with live web sockets and it will show you done message. Also there is transaction log that will lead you to ehterscan.
If you don’t find your answer please feel free ask us, we will very happy to help ?
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