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About the project

Tired of social media? Tired of Tinder, Instagram and other social networks full of fake profiles? You should try Mood Map Me, we are the global map for hot zones full of people down for a drink or a chat and maybe more.

How it works:

Our users share their location with us and we visualise it on the global map.

You use our search engine to see the locations of hotspots in the nearby area.

Premium users can filter by criteria, for example boys which are taller than 1.85m or girls who are in a flirty mood.

Our user profile contains your gender, height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, body type and sexual orientation. Each time you activate the app and share your location we will ask you for your current mood, so we can share it.

Your mood will be visible on your smartphone screen or smartwatch, this is how we will help openings.


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