The future of payments

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Current balance - 10,001,000 INO (Bosted 2 times)

About the project

InoPay is a universal payment instrument built entirely on blockchain technology.

Makes it right for every trader from anywhere in the world to use the service for a monthly fee.

Advantages of innovations over conventional payment systems:

1. Lightning Transactions
2. Extremely low fees for both the consumer and the merchant, only for Ethereum net (INO Pay as its self doesnt charge his clients, and never will!)
3. There are no restrictions on location, nationality, etc.
4. Every business can take advantage of the service as long as it is legal.
5. Unique bonus system to attract new users.



1 - 500 InoCoin:

Free subscription

501 - 2000 InoCoin:

6 months free of charge subscription

2001 - 10000 InoCoin:

12 months free of charge subscription

10.001 - 20000 InoCoin:

an endless free subscription

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