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About the project

Lobsters can live forever, because they have self-healing DNA for a special enzyme, called telomerase. It restores telomere length. Elixir of eternal life sought for centuries. It is believed that if a man with reddish hair is imprisoned in a jar of honey after 210 years will become the elixir of youth.

We are developing a formula for live longer, this is long term process, but we realy believe that we can change the world and make it better place for live. 

If you help us with funding : 

Profit for investors in LiveForever:

1. For an investment between 1-500 INO - Elexir for 1 month
2. For an investment between 501 - 2000 INO - Elexir enough for 6 months
3. For investment between 2001 - 10,000 INO - Elexir enough for 12 months
4. For an investment of 10.001 up - an endless Elexir for long live.


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