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Electricity, Water and Vehicle are major resources in the world that have been never denied by anybody or any country in the whole world. Because of their importance, they have become universal services that now advanced technology and efforts are deployed, taking the resources to the stage that is good for better services and utilizations. However hard we try, we are not able yet to make them stable without emergency faults or problems .Their emergencies come without our plans, they can be for any issues or technical faults in our service systems but they are actually require urgent solutions as they may bring unestimated damages or costs or complete failure of our other works. W e don’t have many options when they come because of it is out of our plans hence they give us emergency situations to resolve them.

When this happen on water service and electrical or even our cars break down, we hurry to call a service company or someone for a help. That time we really need solutions, most of time we are unlucky to get one. Because what happened was an emergency and we need urgent solutions or services which almost all service companies they work on the arranged services and even that someone we called is far away to the location or already engaged on some works. In the worst case scenario, we have to wait until next week because on weekends many companies don’t work or longer if on holidays.

Therefore we become so vulnerable and disappointed. And our plans of the day have to fail. Can you imagine how is that feels? They are very bad situations that can’t be always acceptable, many people have lost their jobs, lives, families and everything valuable in the cases like these. By knowing and had researched that, We are introducing to you today – Pseru;  a nice and useful partner that will help you the solutions when  you come in those situations  again.!


In all emergencies on Water services, Electricity and Vehicle services, the solution is Pseru.

What is Pseru?

It is the mobile application designed to provide urgent solutions on Electrical, Water and Vehicle services by connecting someone in urgent need of the services to the nearest service provider who are ready and well prepared to serve urgent calls whenever and wherever they are instantly.

Pseru is acronyms of Pick a service you need urgently. It is now our project name and brand name too.



Benefits of using Pseru

  • It is a great app that will be available on all mobile phones and web so that you have the services you need with you all round time.
  • It gives you fast responses and solutions to your problems
  • You will be able to access the service the services whenever and wherever you need, you don’t have to follow the services, and the services will be brought to your location.
  • All the services are secured will be done by recognized and trusted professionals.
  • It will provide the instant solutions so as to save you from any further damages, dangers and failure of your plans for the day.
  • Lastly, it will give countless jobs and business opportunities for the professionals who can be service providers.


How does it work?

Nothing is easier than to use Pseru. It will be available on all mobile app stores, and free downloadable .There are three words that you should be used to. These are PSF, PSP and Pick

>PSF means Pseru service finder; a user looking for the services on Pseru

>PSP means Pseru service Provider; a user providing the services for PSF on Pseru, a professional.

>PICK means confirming the request of a service or accepting to provide a requested service.


Step 1

Both users, PSF and PSP must officially register on Pseru with their national IDs for security before starting using the app. The registration will be free and no monthly for using the app

Step 2

When login, you will be able to see and locate the nearest PSP . Click PICK to confirm the service you request. You will be required to pay an average of $ 1 to send the request.

Step 3

PSP receives the notification for your request and will be required to pay an average of $1 to accept the request by clicking PICK.  Once PSP pick your request, you will be notified that he is on the way. PSP will also be able to locate you on GPS map available. PSP will have to rush to your location to attend your request.

Step 4

After the work is done, Both PSF and PSP will have to confirm that service is done by clicking done and send the feedback. This is very important for security and better services. It may reduce the reputation of both PSF and PSP if not completed.

Business opportunity and Scalability for Pseru

It goes without saying that Pseru has got huge business opportunity and scalability all over the world. As we explained above that Pseru focuses on providing the solution to those who urgently need the services on major social resources in the world. Electricity, Water and Vehicles services are not permanently stable, there are so much daily needs out of them. The needs are always expanded and created apart from normal uses, faults, issues and problems. The best case scenario, these services are universal without boundaries and classes of people. As you read, there might be 1000 people who need urgent services in USA, 1000 in Brazil, 1000 in Russia, 1000 in Australia, 1000 in UK, 1000 in China , 1000 in South Africa and 1000 in Tanzania, for different reasons , purposes or cases. As you read that we may have as very minimum as 80,000 people in those only 8 country randomly. Now you can imagine when Pseru cover the whole African continent or the world. Can YOU see the opportunity, and scalability? I believe you can get the big picture of it.

Business opportunity

Basically Pseru will be first launched in Tanzania. One of the beautiful countries in Africa, and the leading land of peace and brotherhood with a lot of both natural and historical tourism attractions and with all kinds of park reserves , wild life and all kinds of  Safaris , but It surfers from these major resources especially Water and Electricity.


B y the report from in 2016

Only 50 percent of Tanzania’s population of 53 million has access to an improved source of safe water, and only 34 percent of Tanzania’s population has access to improved sanitation. Under these circumstances people, particularly women and girls, spend a significant amount of time travelling some distance to collect water.

In Tanzania, demand for both water and sanitation are high. The market for water products (storage tanks, pipes, rain harvesting facilities, etc) and suppliers appears to be dynamic. And by taking advantage of growing digital finance sector, there is a strong opportunity for our water credit solutions in Tanzania.


By the report from THE WOLRD BANK 2012

Only 14 percent of the Tanzanian population has access to electricity in 2010.Rural areas are virtually disconnected from the national grid: Only three percent of people living in rural villages use electricity.


By the report from the big importer of cars

The report shows the growing number of cars population of the country. In Tanzania, 21 cars per 1000 people.

 Almost all African countries import used cars and not new ones

These cars always need frequently check up and repairs, new accessories and spare parts.

From all these factors, Pseru finds the vast and endless opportunities for services and business growth. In all three services, Tanzania resembles many other African countries. Due to all open gaps of the services and demand, Pseru is guaranteed to have rapid growth and scalability to the rest of the world.



We have two types of strategic plans to take Pseru off the ground.


The plan is establishing Pseru in the target market area we want to scale. We focus areas where Pseru will be successful for the next two years. Then we start our operations from the first year.


Target areas for the cover up plan:

  • Tanzania and East Africa
  • West and Central African
  • Southern Africa
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Europe and USA.

The plan implementation will take 12- 13 months



Is the next plan but on the same market areas that were established from the cover up, but rooting will go deeper for

Learning and resolving obstacles that may rise up. This will expand our customer base and open for new market

The plan will take 12 -13 months

Market plan

Market will be in two phases. This first phase will go together with cover up plan , and will be the large part of it. And the second phase will go with rooting


The Budget

The total budget required for the Pseru startup =$ 25,5000 (425,000 INO)

  • Cover up and rooting 40% of the budget
  • Marketing plans 25 %
  • Set up and overhead 35%



> 1-500 INO

We will reward you with 1 month free for Pseru Services

> 500 -2000 INO

We will reward you with 2 months free for Pseru  Services

>2000 - 5000 INO 

We reward you with 4 months free for Pseru Services

> 5000 - 10,000 INO 

We will reward you one year free for Pseru Services

> 10,000 - 20,000 INO

We will reward you free Pseru service forever and recorgnized as our Embassador

>20,000 - 30,000 INO

We will reward you free services, recorgnized as our Embassador, two trips for tour to  Tanzania

>30,000 - 100,000 INO

We will reward you Free services, Known Embassador, Six trips for tour in Tanzania .




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