The Steem House - The world's first 'Blockchain-centric' makerspace!


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About the project

The Steem House will be an incubator for creatives and entrepreneurs, offering opportunities to turn one's craft into their career!

We will have all the tools, machines, software, and supplies, that creatives could need to make or create anything they can dream up! This will take the form of an open work space geared toward collaboration and innovation, what's known as a 'makerspace'.

We will host numerous hands-on classes and workshops for creatives of all ages, and help those in our local community hone their skills and talents, or development new ideas and hobbies! Having a public place designed for collaboration can be a never ending source of inspiration, and our space will encourage people to share their ideas, and make something great together!

Beyond being a makerspace, The Steem House will also be a small business incubator, fostering entrepreneurs as they take on the arduous task of building the future. We will incorporate Blockchain technology at every turn, instructing our members how to turn their creativity and ideas into cash!

We are looking to fund the start up of our physical space, with many of the basic tools and equipment we will need to do so. We're asking for a modest goal of 60,000 INO, which comes to around $40,000 USD at the time of writing. This will completely fund the first year of our endeavor, including the aforementioned equipment, rent, and a subsidy for our electricity.

Our website is currently under heavy construction, but we will soon be publishing our 'Virtual Whitepaper', which will be an interactive way of learning all about the many aspects of our business model, as well as the products and services we plan to offer!

Visit to watch our progress unfold

Let's sweeten the pot:

We have created a utility token on the Bitshares platform that will be used in many ways both inside our physical makerspace, and online. Holders of our token will benefit from share drops of other tokens and cryptocurrencies, as well as being able to trade them for any product or service our business offers! For more information about STEEMHOUSE Tokens, read HERE

Anyone who votes for, or contributes to our project will receive some of our tokens!

- Just for voting, you will receive 10 STEEMHOUSE!


- For Boosting our project here on Inocoin, you will receive 10 STEEMHOUSE for EVERY INO contributed!


- Contribute 100 INO or more, and you will receive a 3d printed keychain and a T-shirt when our physical space is funded and open!


- Contribute 250 INO or more, and you'll also receive a voucher to take part in any of the skill-building workshops within our space, which will be streamed online


- Contribute 500 INO or more, and you will also receive a $100 voucher for our Maker Mall, allowing you to claim some pretty cool stuff made by our creatives!


To claim your rewards, send an email to that includes a screenshot of your vote, and your username so we can transfer your STEEMHOUSE Tokens.

A vote for our project is a vote for creatives the world around! Thank you very much for your time, and we appreciate any and all of you who decide to help support our endeavor to open the world's first 'Blockchain-centric' makerspace!


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