INO Solar Bench


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Current balance - 111 INO (Bosted 1 time)

About the project


Solar Benches are new urban furniture pieces that will help cities, universities,  to create better, safer, and more user-friendly environments. Powered by solar energy, Smart Bench will provide many cool features.

The idea of this project is to be used by everyone that owns INO Coin and pay for charging time, only by INO COIN.


1. Wi-Fi

Solar Bench is equipped with LED lighting, a charging station, and connection to Wi-Fi. Each unit can be equipped with smart sensors that will collect and measure many samples of valuable outdoor data such as air quality, temperature, humidity, and so on.

2. Charging Stations 

Smart Bench provides free charging option with 4 USB ports and 4 Wireless charging pads that support all phones, tablets and laptops with that feature.

Perfect for:

- Parks

- Sidewalks

- City

- Squares

- Train Stations

- Bus Stops

 - Parks

- University

- Business Parks

Target fundrising - 7 500 000 INO



1 - 500 InoCoin:

10 hours free using of the bench

501 - 5000 InoCoin:

24 hours free using of the bench

5001 - 20000 InoCoin:

1 year free using of the bench

20001 - 100000 InoCoin:

lifetime free using of the bench

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