EZCHAMP | Get paid for playing Telegram games


Project address in Ethereum Network:


Current balance - 25 INO (Bosted 2 times)

About the project

As Telegram games appeared based on HTML5 and available right from your messenger, it was only a matter of time to see a launch a competitive championships right in your Telegram.

EZCHAMP allows users to participate in daily record game with prize funds for free and as well to enter a VIP contests in more than 5 simple games with a huge prize pools.

All tournaments are basically managed by a Telegram bot in group chat dedicated to a game, so you will need only your smartphone and Telegram to participate.


10 - 99 InoCoin:

100% of INO value credited as a playable currency

100 - 999 InoCoin:

120% of INO value credited as a playable currency

1000 - 4999 InoCoin:

150% of INO value credited as a playable currency + lifetime 0% fee across the platform

5000 - InoCoin:

All above mentioned rewards + a featuring a name/nickname of a contributor as a name of gaming characters/items

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