Navipod Indoor Locationing Platform


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Navipod Indoor Locationing Platform

In today's widely used positioning systems, the location in open areas is provided with the support of GNSS (Global Positioning Satellite Systems). GNSS, which has many application areas, has become an inseparable part of civil life with the introduction of mobile smartphones into our lives.

One of GNSS's major shortcomings is that the signals of the positioning satellites cannot be used indoors and cannot provide the desired position accuracy.

With the "Navipod Indoor Locationing System" to be developed, it is aimed to eliminate these deficiencies and to make precise positioning and orientation in indoor areas.

Especially it can be used for positioning and orientation in indoor spaces with large areas such as airports, bus, metro and train stations, stadiums, shopping malls, parking lots, schools and campuses, hotels, hospitals, factories, warehouses and mines.

There is widely application area from aid to security for disabled citizens, security, sales campaigns and advertising to search and rescue operations, from military personnel training to tracking goods.


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